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■ Jinshu Party total 9 items 6500 yen (excluding tax)

6500 yen

(Tax excluded)

  • 9items
  • 230persons

※ As for cancellation on the day and number reduction, we only accept the price for meal.※ For reservations for lunch (for seats only, reservations and courses) please contact us by phone.


"One case"

● appetizer

Soft simmered mozuku vinegar · omelet · octopus · raw yuba

● 3 kinds of sashimi in season

Naruto sea bream · 鮪 · aorika

● pottery

Snapper pickled with miso

A chef

Boiled duck in the ground part

● fry

Kudzu Bun, Kakieda · Beans

● Today's vinegared things

鯵 · Hockey shellfish / octopus

● Steaming

● Rice and soup

● season of desserts

Green tea pudding

※ Course contents are subject to weather conditions · arrival status, food ingredients etc. are subject to change according to the four seasons.

Reservation deadline
Visit of hope the day before until 21:00
Available days for reservation
Monday · Tues · Thurday ~ Sunday / Public Holidays · Holidays

2018/10/12 update